Sarah Matyjasik – My journey to NABBA West 30th April

Sarah Matyjasik shares her story of her journey to NABBA West 30th April…………


Hi.. Im Sarah… I’m 42 and have 2 gorgeous children 13 & 10, I’m currently 5 days out competing in the ‘trained bikini’ at the PCA and ‘toned figure’ categories at NABBA West, next Weekend!….

My journey started last year in January, when I felt like an overindulged a little in December and things needed a change. I started on a cleanse and fit program that’s part of my business, as the company were running a ‘New Year new you’ competition. I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to go for….. I had great results over the 69 days and realised I needed to set some goals!!

I had weight trained in my late teens and I had always loved it but I found with children coming along, busy jobs and family life… I didn’t quite seem to make enough time to continue training. I had been out the gym for around 12 years until last January.

The goal….it had to be something quite scary, something to make me work hard to achieve and I thought what better than a goal from my ‘bucket list’…..I’d always wanted to compete when I was younger but had never quite achieved it!…

I didn’t really know where to start but I did a bit of research and came across my awesome coach Leica Gelsei, I went over to meet her in Wales in Pontypridd and from there we struck up a great relationship and she’s been such a massive help and support, in coaching me on my diet and my training program. We decided on the show I was going to do, this was the WBF Showdown on the 28th September 2015 and set to work around May when I met her..

I trained around 5 days a week and stuck to a ‘keto’ style nutrition programme.. I love training with intensity doing super sets, giant sets, drop sets, tri sets etc. I love to feel the cardio challenge when training, I think this has really helped my progress!..

Fast forward 4 months….I was soooo excited to be standing on stage after all the work I’d put in, it was loads of fun with lots of glamour on the day…. As a result I was invited from both my categories to compete in the PCA British finals at the Symphony Hall Birmingham in June this year – whoo hoo!

I’ve spent the last 6 months training hard & growing and have stuck to my eating plan fairly rigidly with the exception of 3 days over Xmas, I allowed myself to relax my food a little…
When I started I had no idea whether I could do this but I was determined to work hard to make changes to feel ‘fit n healthy’ and to be congruent…

Doing the show last year and training for this year’s, has taught me many many things about not only myself but how important goal setting and goal achieving is, improving your mind set to believe in success and how anyone can achieve this…you just have to be prepared to have courage and put in some work!

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If you have any questions, feel free to message me.. I’ve got an athlete page you can find me here:

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Scott Price – NABBA West Area show 2016

Scott Price on his lead up to his first bodybuilding competition on the 1st May


I am currently on my first bodybuilding prep getting myself ready for the National Amateur Body-Builders Association West Area show on the 1st May.  I have always been a motivated and positive person in everything I do, always trying to push myself to the next level.

In the past I have taken part in many challenges including the Three Peaks 24 hour challenge, several Bristol 10k races and numerous Spartan Races, however, I have always loved going to the gym and hitting the weights since I was a teenager so this year I set myself a whole new level of training. I have been dieting since the start of January, training twice a day, Cardio before breakfast and weight training after work. Meals consist of 8 a day but keeping the calories low. Is been a tough 4 months so far but with just a few weeks to go everything seems to be coming together.

The Hub gym and all staff, my trainer Jeff Nutt, friends family and most importantly my girlfriend Amber have given me the most amazing backing which honestly helps so much, not only keeping me on track but also the focus it has given me.

Past experience has taught me that there are always negative people in the world, which will look for opportunities to bring you and your achievements down, these days; however, it just motivates me more to push myself to my ultimate limits.

I am absolutely buzzing for my first bodybuilding competition! Roll on the 1st of May, In it to win it !!


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Kalam Grace – UKBFF South Coast Bodybuilding Show Portsmouth

This week we would like to introduce Hub member Kalam Grace who is soon to be competing in the UKBFF South Coast Bodybuilding Show in Portsmouth.


I joined the Fitness Hub in August 2013 wanting to make a change to my life. Having not done any form of exercise or weight training since I had left school it was tough to start with but I very rapidly caught the bug and haven’t looked back since. 

After training for a year and a half I realised I wasn’t making much of a change so I decided after taking some advice to switch up my nutrition which has had major benefits to my training.  In the latter part of 2015 is when I finally felt comfortable enough with my physique to consider giving competing a go. With influence and invaluable advice from 2015 UKDFBA Masters over 40’s British Champion Ian Scammell and encouragement from my training partner 2015 IBFA Atheltic Tall class winner Shaun Scammel, I decided to compete in the UKBFF South Coast show on 24th April.
 The Fitness Hub provides a impressive range of equipment to meet all of your goals, it has a great atmosphere and  staff are always willing to give you a hand if you need it. All in all the support from the Fitness Hub, my family and friends have helped me to get where I am today on this very tough journey to the stage.
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Bring a Friend For Free Offer!

As an Easter Holidays Treat the Hub are offering all members “Bring a friend for Free” to any of our classes Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th April. That’s an amazing 12 classes on offer!!

Wednesday – Padfit, Strongwoman, Spin, Raise the Bar & Active Yoga
Thursday – Early Spin, Ladies Lifting, Active Yoga, HIIT, Total Ballet Barre, Evening Spin & Strongwoman.

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Maisey Ashmead – PCA Welsh Championships 30th April 2016

The Hub are proud that a number of our members are in the latter stages of preparation for Body Building competitions in the coming months and would like to highlight a few of these competitors over the coming weeks.

This week –  Maisey Ashmead.


Physique/Bikini competitions were once less popular, however, have quickly transitioned to the mainstream…Well for myself anyhow.  After training with my dad for over half a year then continuing my training alone at the Hub I decided to take the plunge before setting off travelling later in 2016 and set myself a challenge of Bikini competing at the Empower Body Building PCA event at the end of April .

Fortunately for me I have been lucky enough to be training at the Hub, allowing me to be surrounded by people with high intellect in personal training and heaps of knowledge about the bodybuilding industry. During the past year bodybuilding has been something I’ve had my mind set on yet didn’t necessarily know how to go about it.

I really enjoy weight training, but now I had enough muscle mass and thought it was time to refine and perfect my look. I needed to focus on carefully shaping my physique. The sport of toned bikini is an art, balance, shape and the lines of the physique and how you present yourself on the stage.  Having a polished, refined and athletically feminine look is the aim of the game.

I’ve been very fortunate to have the full support of my family during my training and to  work with some of the best training and nutritional experts in the sport for my contest prep this year. I have worked very closely with my incredibly talented coach Leica Gelsci who’s time and persistence is second to none and has improved my training ability immensely. Her expertise in coaching me to train to adjust my body in a way fitting for my first bikini competition has been invaluable.

It is now less than 4 weeks until the competition in Port Talbot and I look forward to taking to the stage with my family and other Hub members there supporting me. Having such support throughout my training has been amazing and so appreciated.


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