Body Transformation course – The ladies give their views……

Less than two weeks to go until the next Ladies Body Transformation Course starts!  – hear what the Ladies had to say about past courses


Gym’s aren’t for chubby girls like me, or are they?, I joined the 6 week Ladies Body Transformation Group in January 2016, at the end of the course I had lost 14 cms and I couldn’t have been happier, then the unthinkable happened, I joined the gym! and I haven’t looked back since, the staff are delightful, especially Claire and Aimee, their combined encouragement spurs me on and my continuously transforming body never ceases to amaze me. the gym is now a big part of my life, The Hub is without doubt everybody’s gym.

 Ali – not quite so chubby now – Portishead


Well the body transformation course is over and massive thanks to Claire and team for getting me motivated and in the gym doing classes I thought I would never do and actually enjoying it. Met some lovely ladies along the way and looking forward to a fitter me in 2016!



I am currently on a 6 week transformation course at the hub gym. I can’t praise it enough. I have battled with my weight & fitness for years & having hit an all-time low I decided to make a change. The hardest part was walking through the doors! Gyms are a very scary place for people like me. Everyone at the gym, instructors & members are amazing. So encouraging, knowledgeable & friendly. No one judges, just supports. I have a long way to go & now can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. I can’t thank the hub & everyone in it enough.



I have recently completed the body transformation course at the hub with fantastic results. Many thanks to Claire and team. I am now a fully paid up member of the Hub which offers such a great variety of classes. I have met such lovely people and have gained confidence to try classes I would never have thought possible (strong woman being just one) feeling fitter, healthier and very very happy



To be honest I found the entire 6 weeks to be thoroughly enjoyable, with no real low points. I made a commitment to myself at the start and I was determined to see it through. I think that having the support of everyone at the Hub and the Facebook group encouraged us all to support and encourage each other.For me the Transformation was the start of a new me!



 I  have just finished Transformation Course and have lost just over a stone. The best thing about the whole experience is the friendly, supportive people and staff that have helped me through the journey I would recommend the Hub Gym to everyone.



I have just finished a 6 week transformation program at the hub! The results say it all, I’ve lost 8 lbs, 21inches and my general fitness has improved immensely. We were taught about nutrition, supplied with nutritional info sheets and had support from the staff on a daily basis. I’ve always been involved in a lot of sport, but this is definitely the best program I’ve followed! I recommend to all fitness levels as you work to your own ability BUZZING…



Just completed 6 week Body Transformation at the Hub with amazing results….lost over half a stone and 14cm due to dedication and guidance of Claire and team – met some lovely people and would so recommend it to kick start a healthy way of life…













My Ladies Body Transformation experience – Jane Jones

We asked Jane Jones about her experience of the Body Transformation course in January…….


1 – What was your motivation to sign up to the Ladies Body Transformation course?

I have been a member of The Hub for 18 months.  At the beginning of the year I had the chance to join in with my first Body Transformation course.  I know that The Hub had done one before and I wanted to get involved.  I had a good routine at the gym and had been going regularly.  However, I wanted support and advice with nutrition.  I knew that I needed help to work out what would be a good meal plan to work along side the exercise I had been doing.

2 – What were your aims from the course – did they change at all ?

I wanted to keep to the plan.  I wanted to lose weight and I wanted to lose inches.  All of which I achieved over the six week course.  However, it also gave me the opportunity to meet others that went to the gym and with similar goals to my own.  This proved to be a great motivator and made going to classes more fun!

3 – What were your first impressions of the course?

We all get together as a group each week.  The first week getting was an overview of the how the transformation will work.  There are no scales involved but we get measured at the beginning and end of the course.  We were also asked to measure our improvement in how we felt whilst following a healthy diet and exercising.  An important point to consider especially if you want to make a life long change.  The nutrition plan is straight forward and easy to follow.  Handouts were given for each aspect of the nutrition and sheets for recording your food and weekly commitment to exercising.  Nicely set up for the challenge ahead.

4 – Did you have any low moments, if so how did you overcome them?

No low points, except when it ended!

5 – How has it impacted on your life following the course?

I generally feel happier and have more energy in my everyday life.  I have continued to follow the nutritional advice and continued to exercise at the The Hub but the nicest bit is getting to know others as it makes a visit to the gym  a lot nicer, even when it hurts!

6 – What is your overall experience?

I committed to the process and really enjoyed it.  I was pleased with my results 14lbs lost and 21.5cm reduction on my measurements.  Hence, I am coming back for the Summer Transformation for more of the same!
Jane Jones



Shaun Scammell – My journey to UKBFF Southcoast 2016

Shaun Scammell  – My journey to UKBFF Southcoast 2016


My journey started at the beginning of the year and continued for 16 weeks to compete on 24th April in Portsmouth at the UKBFF South Coast British Qualifier. I competed there with a few friends Myles farrier, Luke lock, Andy Osbourne and Kalam Grace who all also train at the hub. Unfortunately I didn’t place in the top 3 but it was a tough line up and I was happy with how far I came. I first competed last year and placed 1st in my category taking the winning trophy and I have certainly progressed a lot since then and hope to do so as I go on.

Iv been training for over 10 years now but I would say only the last 4-5years have I taken it more seriously! My dad Ian Scammell is one of the main reasons I got into weight training as he has been training for over 20 years and competed in numerous body-building shows leading on to great success and coming away winning shows and being in the top 3 year on year. Finally last year October 2015 he won UKDFBA Masters over 40’s class so now he is British Champion. He will be competing again later this year to retain his title and win an invite to compete in the world championships in Los Angeles. He alone is enough motivation to keep me inspired!

My 16 week prep for my show consisted of a very tough training schedule with an hour cardio before work at 5am followed by weight training in the evenings after work with a little more cardio after that.  Along with a calorie restricted diet things were really tough but with the help of the people around me to keep pushing me through the tough times was invaluable. I can’t thank my partner Olivia Dean for all her support through the process. Thank you also to my training partner Kalam Grace (who also competed) pushing me through my workouts, my family and friends for there support and particularly my dad Ian Scammell for all the advice and wise words!

I would like to thank The Fitness hub for their support, the staff are all lovely and very welcoming. The owners Claire and Andy are great people always supporting me, I would recommend the gym to anyone as it suits anybody with any fitness goals no matter the age, sex or body structure there is something for everyone and the atmosphere is great!

With the right work ethic and mind set you can achieve anything in life and with the right people and equipment around I have managed to achieve what I wanted. It wasn’t an easy road but I loved every second of being on that stage and I will continue to compete for years to come!






My Ladies Body Transformation Experience by Sarah Gillingham

We asked Sarah Gillingham about her experience of the last Ladies Body Transformation Course in January……..


1 – What was your motivation to sign up for the Ladies Body Transformation course ?

Having been a member of the Hub since it opened I felt that I’d become stuck in a rut with my training. I’d stop doing a lot of the classes as I felt I couldn’t keep up with the younger fitter members and was always the slow one that everyone was waiting for.  Due to this the weight was creeping on! I was the heaviest I had ever been and didn’t feel comfortable with this. Having heard good things about previous Transformation classes I knew it was something I had to challenge myself to do.


2 – What were your aims from the course, did they change at all ?

My aims were to get my confidence back in going to classes, get fitter and address my relationship with food.  As a woman you always believe that if you eat more you will put on weight – my husband has always told me that I don’t eat enough to fuel my body – something that I had always struggled to get my head around!


3 – What were your first impressions of the course ?

I felt very apprehensive walking into the first session, however, I needn’t have worried,  Claire was lovely and everyone was made to feel welcome. Everything was well planned and explained. It was a very mixed group of ladies but all with the same end goal – to feel better about ourselves.


4 – Did you have any low moments, how did you overcome them ?

To be honest I found the entire 6 weeks to be thoroughly enjoyable, with no real low points. I made a commitment to myself at the start and I was determined to see it through. I think that having the support of everyone at the Hub and the Facebook group encouraged us all to support and encourage each other.


5 – What did you achieve from the course and how has it impacted your life ?

For me the Transformation was the start of a new me! It gave me my confidence back. It made me realise that going to classes is about me – it doesn’t matter what everyone else can do – it’s about me challenging myself to improve my fitness and having the confidence to try different things. Since completing the course I have continued to do various different classes – Weighted pump, Supersculpt, Total Barre, Spinning, Strongwoman, Old Skool Conditioning ……..not bad for an old bird!!!!
In addition to getting my confidence back it has helped me to understand the need to fuel my body through a healthy sustainable diet – which has resulted in overall inch loss & weight loss

7 – What was your overall experience ?

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The course was well planned and carried out. The talks each week were inspiring, finally being able to understand the importance of proteins, fats & carbs was a turning point for me. It gave me the opportunity to try different aspects of gym life as each week we tried different things – yoga, Crossfit, weight machines, interval training, pad work and so much more. Knowing that we had to hand in our weekly food diary also made me determined to stick to it!!!

Thank you to everyone involved.


Sarah G1


Ladies BT


Carl Murphy – My journey to the PCA Welsh bodybuilding show 30th April 2016

Carl Murphy – My journey to the PCA Welsh bodybuilding show 30th April 2016

My 8 month Road

I stated my journey back in October 2015 to compete in the PCA Welsh bodybuilding in Port Talbot on the 30th

I moved to Portishead after living in Chepstow Wales for the last 16yrs and always been in to fitness and wanted to find a suitable gym that could attend to my daily grind .. I went down to see Claire & Andy at The Fitness hub gym in the town and explained what my goal was and would like to join the gym ..The Gym had everything I needed and with the great atmosphere the hub brings and facilities I got cracking ..

I have always keep myself active and previously  going back in to the gym I had been doing Crossfit for the last 12 months but my passion for always wanting to step on stage and seeing how far I could push my body was in the  back of my mind so I went back to the gym to pursue my dream at the Hub ..

I would attend the Hub every morning for Cardio and in the evening to do weight session  on a 6 day basis .. the atmosphere was great and soon fell in to place with staff and local people who loved to train in the Hub, on the plus side there were lads also training hard to compete in bodybuilding show this year due to the friendly environment the gym gives you I started training with them on our Sunday legs day and it wasn’t for the weak believe me ..

8 months on the day arrived 30th April 2016, I had come along way in the  gym with my motivation and determination over this time and was totally ready to compete as a first timer at the age of 39…

I won my class as a First timer at the PCA Welsh bodybuilding show and then went up against all the winners of each category in the men’s classes of that day .

I won the Overall and was now the PCA  Welsh Champion, I couldn’t believe what I had achieved and shows with hard work great mindset & strong work ethic you can achieve anything ..  Im now back on prep to complete in the PCA bodybuilding  British finals on 19th June in Birmingham.. So back to it in the Fitness hub for early mornings and late  evenings try to take my body to the next level, with the support of the The Fitness hub it makes it an excellent experience.

IMG_4591 (1)




Ladies Body Transformation Course is back!

The Ladies Body Transformation course is back! The next 6 week course starts Sunday 5th June and runs for 6 Sundays.

Over the coming weeks we will be bringing you some personal insights from some former Transformers into what to expect from this course.

Watch this space!!