Body Transformation Course June 2016 – Week one Experiences

Body Transformation Course June 2016 – week one comments 


Kettlercise done this morning – my god it was hot!!! Off to work to eat my porridge soaked overnight in natural yogurt and coconut milk with strawberries – happy Tuesday peeps


Really enjoyed my spin class with Mike tonight. Always find it very hard and sweat like you wouldn’t believe but love it. And on an even more important note my padded pants worked! No sore bum


Just done my first combat session with Andy! I struggled but Andy didn’t make me feel bad for not being able to do it, my arms are shaking now! Will go again I think


Chuffed to have some time with Jeff as part of transformation. Missed ‘mad woman’ but enjoyed learning about the weights in gym and having a chat whilst doing it.


It’s been a good week and as a non member of the gym I was really apprehensive, but the ladies I have met have been so friendly and very welcoming so thank you all


I totally agree, the thought of stepping into a gym sets my anxiety off,even walking through it to take my daughter to Crossfit! But everyone’s been really kind and supportive so I’m glad I found the guts to do it!


Great work ladies, onward into week two!

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