Read about one members experience of the Ladies Body Transformation Course

We interviewed Pam Scammell about her experiences of signing up to the Ladies Body Transformation Course

These were her replies:

  1. Why and what was your motivation to sign up to the Ladies Body Transformation Course?


My daughter saw the course advertised in January and was interested in joining, I said I would join with her, feeling I needed to shed a few pounds after Christmas, and after paying for the course, the panic set in – I was going to be the oldest and the most unfit and I was worried about not being able to keep up with everyone else!  I filled my head with lots of negative thoughts and was panicking even walking through the door on the first Sunday of the course and if it hadn’t been for the fact I was with my daughter, I might have turned round and walked back out again.  But having made it into the gym and meeting Claire for the first time, all the negativity disappeared, and turned into positivity and from then on I enjoyed every single minute of the course.


Besides the fact that I wanted to lose a bit of weight, I also need to stay healthy.  Three years ago, very suddenly I lost my eyesight in my left eye and was diagnosed as having had a retinal stroke, almost certainly due to high blood pressure.  Exercising and being active now, has to be an essential part of my life in order to keep my blood pressure down and my heart as healthy as it can be.  I monitor my blood pressure at home on a regular basis and since starting at The Hub it has been noticeably better.  I also now don’t have to take medication for high cholesterol.


  1. How has it helped you?


Do you feel more gym confident?

Absolutely – I amazed myself at being able to do the sessions every Sunday morning.  I was so much stronger than I gave myself credit for and fitter than I thought I was.  I really enjoyed learning new things and felt so good after each session.  Since the course, I was slightly concerned about being in the gym on my own and felt a little intimidated, but as before it was all in my head, I had no need to feel worried, no-one was looking at me!  Its such a friendly place, all the staff are very helpful and supportive.


Do you feel more food confident?

I have always eaten healthily, I also cook from scratch and enjoy cooking.  But I have changed my eating habits, I have tried to reduce my sugar intake and eat more protein, which has kept me feeling fuller for longer.






  1. How has the course stretched your confidence and abilities?


I learnt so much on the course, about how to use different equipment in the gym, about how different exercises would affect my body, about a different way of eating, most of all it has given me more self-confidence about my ability to keep fit and stay healthy,  I feel so much stronger both mentally and physically.  The group was so friendly and Claire was so supportive and encouraging, never once did I feel embarrassed or lacking in ability.


  1. What has been your biggest lifestyle change?


To keep on moving and to try and drink gin and tonic instead of so much wine!!!!


  1. What is your favourite class and why?


After 15 + years I got on a spin bike again and loved the classes, even though I felt I might have to be carried out on a stretcher after most classes, but I could feel my fitness improving as each week went by, unfortunately I have had to temporarily give up spin due to a long standing hip problem, but I intend to go back to the classes when my hip is better – I really miss them.  I also enjoyed doing the Kettlercise class, although I did have to take a few more rests than most others, but I felt they offered me a challenge.


  1. What’s next for you?


To keep on going to the gym, to keep pushing myself.  I was delighted with the inch and weight loss I had after the course and I’m trying to maintain that.


Despite all my initial reservations, the Body Transformation course is the best thing I have done this year, I will never regret making the decision to join.



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