Hell of a way to end the year!

I’m sure you are all looking forward to the Xmas break and are working towards the Little Black Dress season !

We hope you have noticed the changes we have been making across the Gyms and the Box at our locations……….…we’ve said goodbye to some great team members and goodbye to a few others too. As you would expect though the Hub team has continued to grow and we are finishing the year on a high!!

In Chepstow we have taken on some new and fabulous Personal Trainers.

If you haven’t already met her then Daisy has become a huge asset to the team, continually giving out positive vibes and always delivering first class service support, whether it’s in her classes or on the gym floor. Another diamond has been Dance Teacher Becky taking on Personal Training clients, her bubbly personality makes everyone feel welcome and her Dance inspired classes are widely popular. Our newest gent Jack has very recently become one of our class Instructors, usually around at 6am, his classes are a perfect wake up if you like the early morning workout.

Coming up to our second year in Chepstow we couldn’t be happier with the hub community and look forward to introducing even more kit next year – so stay tuned for a great 2019.

At Portishead it has been a very busy year and the function area has had a little refresh. Just walk past the Crossfit box and the green grass area is there for your full use.

We replaced some key kit and we’ve added in more squat racks, meaning you have better use of the Weights area space.

In our Crossfit Box we have installed an amazingly new and huge rig, providing the opportunity to increase the amount of classes we are running for your enjoyment as we move into the New Year.

When it comes to the Coaches we are excited to have Jade join the team, Personal Trainer and Crossfit Coach she is a huge success. Ben also started at the same time having worked on the Hub reception for the last 18 months, he started CrossFit classes and realised he had a passion for coaching. The latest addition is Matt Crane who started interning with Matt and Aneta at the beginning of November. Matt has been a huge part of the community as a member and in January when he hopefully passes his level 1 he will be a great addition to the coaching team. Matt and Aneta have made a great mark on the team and you’ll find our hub Trainers are working together to make the hub and Crossfit Portishead the best place to train.

Matt & Aneta also have a great year ahead of them when they also add to their repertoire with the opening of their very own Box and we couldn’t be happier for them!!

The saddest part of the year is our lovely Jeff leaving to start his new career. He has been a loyal and wonderful friend over the years and all of the hub team will be gutted to see him go, especially me – he has been a constant in what has sometimes been a challenging year. The good news is he will still be training at the hub so we will still get to see him strutting around the gym in his bright attire.

Don’t forget this year also saw the introduction of the Platinum benefits for our hub members. If you haven’t already taken advantage of any of these then speak to a member of the reception team.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better for our platinum members……..….for the month of December we are offering you all FREE Crossfit onramp classes. Come in and take a look at the impressive rig and get an understanding of how you could incorporate this into your training.

To take advantage of this offer email Linda at info@hubgyms.com.

Myself and the Rugrats wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you all for your kind support and we look forward to 2019.

Claire, Ava and Presley

My 2017 Training – PT James Allen

After competing on the 5th June  2016 at the USN classic and coming third place in the teens category, I came away immensely proud of what I’d achieved at my first bodybuilding show. I was also extremely thankful to Ian Scammell for his time and help me throughout my prep, but I knew I had a lot to do ready for this year.


After my show, I was still unsure whether I was going to compete this year or whether to wait until next year. As I turned 20 in August 2016, I knew I would no longer be able to compete in the teen category and had to decide whether to take on the Juniors (ages 20-23) or the men’s Under 70kg category (last year’s show weight was around 64kg).

I upped my food and continued with training, although I have to admit I became a bit lazy. No cardio, eating McDonalds on a Thursday, Dominoes on a Friday and whatever else I wanted over the weekend. After a few too many weeks of this, I knew it was time to start taking off-season more seriously.

Many natural bodybuilders inspire me, and I do loads of research into diet and different types of weight training to see what works for me, but I really want to up my game this year, so in January I began Y3T training. Yoda 3 Training is rotating your training style over a 3-week period. The principle of Y3T is to systematically keep your muscles guessing how you are going to train so that your body has less chance to adapt. I am now in my 5th week of this and love the fact it’s different each week; it constantly pushes me to my limits and every week I feel stronger.

I also got myself a coach for four weeks, Zac Fotheringham. He completely changed my diet and supplements and each week I had a ‘check in’ which I sent pictures, measurements and my weight. I have now finished my four weeks with Zac but am continuing with everything he told me, until around June/July, depending on how much weight I gain over the next few months.

Once off-season is over, I will begin my prep, which will last around 3 months ready for Heart of England UK Championship qualifier on 30th September in Rugby. I hope that I will qualify and go on to the UK and International Championships on 22nd October.

Hub, Everybody’s Gym – by owner Claire

Hub, Everybody’s Gym……. This wasn’t just a strap line that we came up with because it sounded and looked good for Branding – it says everything about the environment and approach that we wanted to embed into the community and the way in which we live our lives.  It has been a few years now since Hub Everybody’s Gym was born and the time seems right to review how things have gone and what comes next.

Some people will say that when striving to achieve a successful business Customer Service is the priority and others will say it is the Team that is important.  For me I fail to see how you can deliver one without the other and whilst it has taken a good many years to find the right ingredient for a great team, I truly feel that we now have the best and most talented Hub Family possible to achieve.

Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of the Hub Team

  • Claire Laura–  Owner,  Personal Trainer & Class Instructor
  • Linda Probert – Member of the Management team and lover of all things #Hublife
  •  James Grogan – Head CrossFit Coach, Athlete, Personal Trainer, British Weightlifting Coach and Chalk enthusiast
  • Aimee Schools– Hub Trainee Assistant Manager and could be considered a Ballet Barre task master by many.
  •  James Allen – Fitness & Gym Instructor who has been with us from his first day as an Apprentice to someone who consumes every opportunity to learn & improve
  •  Charlie James – Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer & Calisthenics Coach with training delivered in a way that would be hard for anyone to replicate
  • Maddie Fry– CrossFit Coach, Athlete, Gymnastics Coach and Gymnastics Champion
  • Kyla Probert – Our youngest member of the team and an invaluable CrossFit Kids coach
  • Rakan Sabbah– Gym Instructor & PT for whom there is never a dull moment in is presence
  • Sarah Matyjasik – Newest member of the Team for whom you will long forget you cannot pronounce her surname correctly when she is putting you through a PT session
  • Jeff Nutt – lovingly referred to as Jeff Mutt by the Transformation Ladies – PT extraordinaire and true master of his profession
  • Jane Lewis – Sales, Marketing & Information, hugely important to us
  • Abi Slee– Gym Instructor, the longest serving member of the team and greatly respected by us and her clients
  • Mike Varney & Steve Gillingham– Spinning Masters, remembered not just for their excellent classes but the kind of lycra outfits that only a very brave man would wear who was totally comfortable in their skin
  •  James St Leger – CrossFit Coach, Athlete, Physique Master Trainer and very talented individual
  •  Andy Cleeves – Gym, Martial Arts Instructor and Personal Trainer with accolades too numerous to mention in the world of Martial Arts

My desire has been to create something that appeals to everyone and that is one of the reasons why we doubled in size 18 months ago by opening CrossFit Portishead & building a combat zone.  The CrossFit Box is an extension of the Hub, whilst they may be run in different ways with different membership structures we remain a Hub of fitness enthusiasts.  Many members have become enthusiasts of both options by taking out a dual membership, which whilst not an approach for the majority, truly epitomises the approach I was looking to provide.

When I think of you, our Hub members (Hubbers), I could not be prouder of your achievements; some have joined a Ladies Transformation having never stepped into a gym before and are now hardcore members and supporters, we have champions of many varieties – Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Martial Arts, Pole Gymnastics, but most importantly our members support any and all Charity events – Thank you!

In recent weeks there has been some feedback from a very small minority that set me thinking and really prompted this blog.  As a result of that feedback & the ensuing conversations now is a great opportunity to be clear that by providing a gym, studio, high- low-medium impact classes, spin, yoga, martial arts, CrossFit, weightlifting, PT, kids classes & events, all under one roof, means it is Everybody’s Gym – there is no divide between our Gym environment or a CrossFit Box other than it represents an individual spending time doing whatever makes them happy.  Doing what makes you happy should never be to the detriment of someone else’s happiness and therefore we will not tolerate any behaviour that causes another to feel uncomfortable (This is not a swipe at Mike & Steve’s lycra, we all just have to put up with that).

There will be times when there is a lot going on in the gym in the different areas, it might be noisy, it might be too cold for some and too hot for others, you might love the music playing at the time, or you might not, you might have to wait at reception for 30 seconds whilst the receptionist takes a quick comfort break or is refilling the blue towel holder, before hot footing it back to let you in, your favourite instructor might be on holiday or sick, the toilet paper might run out, your favourite piece of equipment might be ‘busy’ or you might not be able to use an area because we are coaching kids – the Stars of tomorrow, but I can guarantee you that myself & the Hub team spend every moment trying to meet your requirements and ensure you are getting value for money.

So what comes next you may ask – well I will continue to reinvest where appropriate, I will continue to ensure that myself & the team remain up to speed on all the latest elements of Fitness & Health, I will continue to evolve the Timetable as & when it needs it, I will keep any areas that start to get shabby spruced up, I will continue to worry about the studio flooding if the rain falls in a particular way, I will continue to keep those toilets bleached to within an inch of their lives and I will never implement a Joining or an Admin fee.  Portishead is where it began for us and where we endeavour to remain a driving force, there are plans for a second gym in Chepstow (mainly because my Mum keeps moaning that Portishead is too far now) and we keep our fingers crossed that all goes according to plan for that one.  Who knows maybe The Hub will go Worldwide (then there will be nothing for Mum to moan about when she is on her holidays).

I have one ask of you please if you can…….if you have never tried CrossFit perhaps give it a go, just once, if you have only ever been a Cross Fitter consider doing a class with Charlie or Rakan or myself – who knows you might like it.

I leave you with one photo that I believe sums it all up nicely – 3 generations, one roof, one goal –Everybody’s Gym


Claire and the Hub Team

Team Scammell…..