All About Spin Class: The Basics And The Benefits

All About Spin Class: The Basics And The Benefits

First spin class and you don’t know what to expect? We’ve got you covered.Know the basics of a spinning exercise and the benefits a spinning class can offer with this quick, simple guide. What’s Spinning? A spin class is an indoor cycling cardio exercise that is usually headed by an assertive instructor, accompanied by loud music. The instructor chooses music that is apt to match the mood for each phase of the class and uses imagery to keep you going. There are bikes for each person in the class that typically face the same direction, towards the instructor or a mirror.If you...


My 2017 Training – PT James Allen

After competing on the 5th June  2016 at the USN classic and coming third place in the teens category, I came away immensely proud of what I’d achieved at my first bodybuilding show. I was also extremely thankful to Ian Scammell for his time and help me throughout my prep, but I knew I had a lot to do ready for this year. After my show, I was still unsure whether I was going to compete this year or whether to wait until next year. As I turned 20 in August 2016, I knew I would no longer be able to compete...


Hub, Everybody’s Gym – by owner Claire

Hub, Everybody’s Gym……. This wasn’t just a strap line that we came up with because it sounded and looked good for Branding – it says everything about the environment and approach that we wanted to embed into the community and the way in which we live our lives.  It has been a few years now since Hub Everybody’s Gym was born and the time seems right to review how things have gone and what comes next.Some people will say that when striving to achieve a successful business Customer Service is the priority and others will say it is the Team...