Good news……. Well it’s all good news actually, apart from one imminent demise

Good news……. Well it’s all good news actually, apart from one imminent demise

Wow, what a year it has been so far, just over 4 months left and I am wondering how much more can happen!!

The very good news is that some of you have been asking how long we will be here in Portishead, clearly driven by the ongoing challenges with Old Mill Road, which I have been actively involved in for 2 years now. The great news is we will be here for quite some time and I am off to the Solicitors tomorrow to review the lease extension. Whatever your thoughts on the plans, if you are a resident, or have a keen interest then you really do need to register your thoughts by the end of this week. Every bit of feedback counts!

You also will not have failed to notice, especially if you are a social media expert, or find yourself on the receiving end of a lot of texts, that there have been other changes this year – enough to say that when you run a family business you cannot avoid some overlap in places and on occasion it becomes challenging.

Running a business comes with responsibility, responsibility to my loyal staff and the members and most importantly the responsibility to ensure that safety is a priority, whether that is through correct qualifications, techniques, insurances or simply the safety of others just being in the building. Professionalism is paramount and the expectation of the same from others is also a requirement.

Anyone that has moved on this year to new things we wish them the very best of luck.

If anyone wants to understand more about the professional standards we have, or any recent events please just come and find me, and we can talk it through – social media needs a rest.

Some sad news…….

The leg press is poorly and despite the efforts of Jeff, she cannot be saved, the defibrillator is on standby but sadly the end will come early September.

There will be a new kid on the block though so please be kind to them both as we say goodbye to an old friend and welcome her replacement.

In other news…….

We have some great ideas that we will be putting into practice over the coming months at both Portishead & Chepstow and as always there will be investment to keep it fresh.

Finding great people to work with is hard but as I write this, it is clear that I have the best team possible at the Hub, it takes time, but the time is worth it and making the right decisions is very important.

Crossfit Portishead…….

How great has this year been!! Aneta & Matt have been incredible in re-building the box and we have all learned so much from them. Also, we gained 3 newly qualified coaches this year, Charlie, Jade & Ben. Gaining these qualifications are not easy and not everyone can do it, great testament to their hard work & determination. Brilliant guys, thank you all so much.

As a reminder the Hub Team are:





Plus, all our lovely associate instructors and private rentals.

Finally thank you to you, our members and guests, I know we don’t please all of you all the time, but honestly, we do try.

Watch this space, more great things are coming and Matt & Aneta are getting married!

Claire plus Ava & Presley
Hub Gyms