Hell of a way to end the year!

Hell of a way to end the year!

I’m sure you are all looking forward to the Xmas break and are working towards the Little Black Dress season !

We hope you have noticed the changes we have been making across the Gyms and the Box at our locations……….…we’ve said goodbye to some great team members and goodbye to a few others too. As you would expect though the Hub team has continued to grow and we are finishing the year on a high!!

In Chepstow we have taken on some new and fabulous Personal Trainers.

If you haven’t already met her then Daisy has become a huge asset to the team, continually giving out positive vibes and always delivering first class service support, whether it’s in her classes or on the gym floor. Another diamond has been Dance Teacher Becky taking on Personal Training clients, her bubbly personality makes everyone feel welcome and her Dance inspired classes are widely popular. Our newest gent Jack has very recently become one of our class Instructors, usually around at 6am, his classes are a perfect wake up if you like the early morning workout.

Coming up to our second year in Chepstow we couldn’t be happier with the hub community and look forward to introducing even more kit next year – so stay tuned for a great 2019.

At Portishead it has been a very busy year and the function area has had a little refresh. Just walk past the Crossfit box and the green grass area is there for your full use.

We replaced some key kit and we’ve added in more squat racks, meaning you have better use of the Weights area space.

In our Crossfit Box we have installed an amazingly new and huge rig, providing the opportunity to increase the amount of classes we are running for your enjoyment as we move into the New Year.

When it comes to the Coaches we are excited to have Jade join the team, Personal Trainer and Crossfit Coach she is a huge success. Ben also started at the same time having worked on the Hub reception for the last 18 months, he started CrossFit classes and realised he had a passion for coaching. The latest addition is Matt Crane who started interning with Matt and Aneta at the beginning of November. Matt has been a huge part of the community as a member and in January when he hopefully passes his level 1 he will be a great addition to the coaching team. Matt and Aneta have made a great mark on the team and you’ll find our hub Trainers are working together to make the hub and Crossfit Portishead the best place to train.

Matt & Aneta also have a great year ahead of them when they also add to their repertoire with the opening of their very own Box and we couldn’t be happier for them!!

The saddest part of the year is our lovely Jeff leaving to start his new career. He has been a loyal and wonderful friend over the years and all of the hub team will be gutted to see him go, especially me – he has been a constant in what has sometimes been a challenging year. The good news is he will still be training at the hub so we will still get to see him strutting around the gym in his bright attire.

Don’t forget this year also saw the introduction of the Platinum benefits for our hub members. If you haven’t already taken advantage of any of these then speak to a member of the reception team.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better for our platinum members……..….for the month of December we are offering you all FREE Crossfit onramp classes. Come in and take a look at the impressive rig and get an understanding of how you could incorporate this into your training.

To take advantage of this offer email Linda at

Myself and the Rugrats wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you all for your kind support and we look forward to 2019.

Claire, Ava and Presley