Jade Alexander – Blog post – Its never too late to make a change!

Like a lot of people my age I had always felt the pressure to follow the cookie-cutter path of school, into university, and from there into a full-time vocational job which I would do for the rest of my life. And for the longest time I believed that this largely outdated, conveyor belt view of life was what I wanted and what would make me happy. For a while it did.

Then back in 2014 I joined a chain gym and started getting into health and fitness. It didn’t take long for me to become completely hooked! I would spend every evening in the gym after work and spend the working day looking forward to that time which was all mine, where I could work on myself, for myself and where the stresses of teaching full-time would just fall away.

Fast forward to 2017: As a Head of Department in a prestigious private school in Bristol work had never been so stressful. I had developed anxiety, wasn’t sleeping well, and was tired of basing my happiness and self-worth on how quickly (or not) I was rising through the ranks of teaching and into Senior Leadership. By this time I had joined the Hub where I also found CrossFit. The atmosphere in the gym, the huge number of classes on offer, and my CrossFit family transformed my love of fitness into a passion; I knew I had to chase that passion to be happy.

Thanks to Claire, the CrossFit coaches, and the rest of the team here at The Hub I am now a qualified Gym Instructor soon to complete my Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training as well as my Level 1 CrossFit coaching qualification. Suffice it to say, my life has changed completely these past few months. Has it all been easy? Nope. Has it been worth it? Absolutely! This new career has increased my confidence, made me happier in myself, and I genuinely wake up every morning excited for the day ahead now, instead of dreading what it might bring.

I’m so excited to share my experiences and to use them to help others on their journey to fitness and fulfilment. It’s never too late to make a change, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Jade x