Mens get into Fitness/ Summer blast with Charlie James – Starts Sunday 18th June

The idea of  The Summer blast course has evolved from a small group of men that worked with Charlie on some Sunday mornings to improve their fitness and work towards their own personal goals and men requesting a course ‘about them’.
The Hub then created ‘Men’s get into fitness/Summer Blast course’ , a course that every man can get involved with!

One of the ‘Originals’ – Simon Lewis:

We asked Simon to give us thoughts on working with Charlie within a group to help him towards his goals…


1.  Why and how did you start working out with Charlie on a Sunday morning?
I started by attending several of Charlie’s classes and always enjoyed them.  I like his upbeat and positive attitude.  A few gentlemen had already approached Charlie about working with him on a Sunday and mentioned it to me.  I figured if Charlie was willing to get out of bed on a Sunday – so was I.
2.  How would you describe your Sunday group session with Charlie?
It was always great fun – I can’t believe how much I laughed and looked forward to the sessions.  Each session was different from Charlie incorporating some his classes in sections to exploring completely new things like deadlifting, but in a safe environment.  One week we did ‘flexibility’ and I think we all discovered we all needed to work on this!
Throughout Charlie totally encouraged me, full of hints and tips.
3. How did the Sunday group keep you moving forward?
It gave me a focus, working towards my own personal goals.  Even during the week, if I saw Charlie round the gym he’d make time to give me pointers and encourage me.  The sessions helped re enforce and remind me of other ways of training to achieve my goals but most of all I have made some great gym mates and training partners – we still often try and tally up to train together.
I found I became more conscious of my eating and drinking choices.. especially on a Saturday night.
4. Where are you with your training now – plans moving forward?
My training has been erratic due to holiday, work commitments, too many nights out and other things that have taken priority in my life.  With a holiday booked at the end of July, I have signed up to the Summer Blast to get focused, committed for 6 weeks and get back on track.
I do enjoy the fact that my workout is done and dusted by 9am on a Sunday morning – leaving me to relax and enjoy my Sunday and set me up for the week ahead.
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