New day, new beginnings, fresh chapters and NEW Timetables!

New day, new beginnings, fresh chapters and NEW Timetables!

Instructors who are focused on your safety, technique and committed to helping you achieve your goals.  Delivering a range of low impact, high impact and Wellness options designed to accommodate 21st century lives.  If you are tight for time,  choose from a selection of 30 minute classes, if you want to focus on strength or toning, or cardio, it’s all there, not forgetting HubSpin.

Time has been spent by all our professionally qualified Instructors designing and structuring the sessions that fit all lifestyles and  fitness levels.

Long gone are the days of so called ‘beasting’ sessions, where painful joints were deemed a sign of a good workout.  The hub wants to ensure you have the ability to maintain fitness as part of your life, long into retirement, protecting your body and making sure sessions can be adapted in times of injury.

For another year the Hub Membership of £29.99 will not be increasing,  for  less than £1.00 per day you have access to the gym and the full timetable, 7 days a week.  £65.00 per month includes all CrossFit classes, just over £2.00 per day – delivered by our amazing CrossFit Team led by Matt & Aneta.

The hub is a family run gym, focused on quality Instructors with an enthusiasm to push themselves further, with ongoing personal development & qualifications,  representing the latest approaches.

Take a look and start planning your schedule, the team are looking forward to seeing you!