Hell of a way to end the year!

Hell of a way to end the year!

I’m sure you are all looking forward to the Xmas break and are working towards the Little Black Dress season ! We hope you have noticed the changes we have been making across the Gyms and the Box at our locations……….…we’ve said goodbye to some great team members and goodbye to a few others too. As you would expect though the Hub team has continued to grow and we are finishing the year on a high!! In Chepstow we have taken on some new and fabulous Personal Trainers. If you haven’t already met her then Daisy has become a huge asset to the...


Debunking the BS- Should the knees shouldn’t go past toes in a squat?

Debunking the BS- Should the knees shouldn’t go past toes in a squat? In the many years I have been a coach/trainer there has always been this myth about not letting your knees past your toes while squatting. No one is certain where this myth started. However, it has become a mainstay in today’s fitness and medical world. The instruction is even a part of the National Strength and Conditioning Associations (NSCA) guidelines for how to teach a proper squat. The cue to limit the knees from moving past the toes during the squat is really nothing more than a quick fix...


New Benefits available to our Platinum Members!

** NEW PLATINUM BENEFITS NOW RELEASED! ** Every month Platinum members are now entitled to - 2 sunbed tokens 1 free pass for a friend Half price 30 minute sports massage at All Sports Rehab 15% discount on one item of hub clothing £10 off a Personal Training Session* Free eye test & 10% off glasses at Boots Opticians Portishead 20% discount on Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatments at Optimus Portishead   This is on top of what we already offer! Free Induction Full access to gym and over 20 classes per week State of the art equipment Early opening times Please speak to reception to claim your benefits. *New Platinum members only. Benefits cannot be accumulated or...


Hip Thrust: The Most Important Exercise You’re Not Doing!

What is a hip thrust? The Hip Thrust is a glute exercise designed to improve your strength, speed and power by teaching optimal hip extension. What is "optimal hip extension," and why should you care about it? It's all about the power in your glutes, which are among the most powerful muscles in your body. The glutes are designed to extend the hip or pull the leg behind the body. If your glutes are underdeveloped, your speed, power and strength are all compromised. That means you'll have weaker Squats and Deadlifts A lot of exercises that improve leg strength, like Leg...


New day, new beginnings, fresh chapters and NEW Timetables!

New day, new beginnings, fresh chapters and NEW Timetables! Instructors who are focused on your safety, technique and committed to helping you achieve your goals.  Delivering a range of low impact, high impact and Wellness options designed to accommodate 21st century lives.  If you are tight for time,  choose from a selection of 30 minute classes, if you want to focus on strength or toning, or cardio, it’s all there, not forgetting HubSpin. Time has been spent by all our professionally qualified Instructors designing and structuring the sessions that fit all lifestyles and  fitness levels. Long gone are the days of so called...