Personal Training……how we can help you decide on the right thing for YOU ?

When all is said & done, it’s about YOU Personal Training, PT, Programming, Coaching, On-Line Programming, Transformation, Physique, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Carbs, Protein, Fats, Bootcamp, and on and on and on…………………………………………   It’s a minefield out there and how are you supposed to know what is the right thing to do? ……more importantly how can you decide on the right thing for YOU?!   Health, Wellbeing, fitness and YOUR personal goals are the things that matter most to us at the Hub, which is why our current approach is to ensure that anyone associated with the Hub, in any capacity, whether they are directly employed,...


Our next 6 week Ladies Transformation Course in Chepstow with owner Claire starts Sunday January 14th.

Our next 6 week Ladies Transformation Course in Chepstow with owner Claire starts Sunday January 14th. Looking for some extra motivation in the gym, haven't stepped in a gym for years, want to learn more about weight training, want to feel more confident in the gym and change your lifestyle then this is for you! For more information drop us an email Price is £99.   ...


Read about one members experience of the Ladies Body Transformation Course

We interviewed Pam Scammell about her experiences of signing up to the Ladies Body Transformation Course These were her replies: Why and what was your motivation to sign up to the Ladies Body Transformation Course?   My daughter saw the course advertised in January and was interested in joining, I said I would join with her, feeling I needed to shed a few pounds after Christmas, and after paying for the course, the panic set in – I was going to be the oldest and the most unfit and I was worried about not being able to keep up with everyone else!  I...


James’ Blog – Road to heart of England, 12 weeks out

So, to follow on from my previous blog back in February, I thought it was about time I do an update on what I’m doing…   This year I decided to do an 18-week prep, compared to 12 weeks last year. I’ve already been dieting 6 weeks, cruising through and seeing what works for me. At the end of my off-season I was weighing in at 82kg, compared to last year when I started prep at 73kg. Right now, I’m down to 74kg – this could mean that I’ve gained around 1-2kg of muscle since competing last year (which is good –...


The guys give their views on working with Personal Trainer Charlie James – Instructor of the Hub Mens Summer Blast Course

The idea of  The Summer blast course evolved from a small group of men that worked with Charlie on some Sunday mornings to improve their fitness and head towards their own personal goals and men requesting a course 'about them'. The Hub then created 'Men's get into fitness/Summer Blast course' , a course that every man can get involved with  'Orginals' - Paul Probert & Tim Ayres We asked Paul and Tim to give us their  thoughts on working with Charlie within a group to help him towards their goals...