Personal Training……how we can help you decide on the right thing for YOU ?

When all is said & done, it’s about YOU

Personal Training, PT, Programming, Coaching, On-Line Programming, Transformation, Physique, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Carbs, Protein, Fats, Bootcamp, and on and on and on…………………………………………


It’s a minefield out there and how are you supposed to know what is the right thing to do? ……more importantly how can you decide on the right thing for YOU?!


Health, Wellbeing, fitness and YOUR personal goals are the things that matter most to us at the Hub, which is why our current approach is to ensure that anyone associated with the Hub, in any capacity, whether they are directly employed, or Associates,  are suitably qualified, by that we mean we have seen evidence of their qualifications, they have proven in depth experience of the areas they specialise in, are available for you face to face and have deep knowledge in the specialist areas.


For example our coaches come from backgrounds of being multiple competitors over a number of years and/or have spent their money and effort in gaining the qualifications and /or practice exactly what they preach.


Theory will only get you so far, it is the experience of living and breathing it yourself and understanding that everyone is different, that sets the experts apart from those who just throw the theory at you and take a lazy approach to training others.


There are of course a lot of people that offer great on line programming, however, sadly, there are many that offer a poor or ineffective service. In particular the approach can be far from targeted towards the individual, they may not be appropriately qualified, lack proven experience and passion, have no experience over and above theory and will attempt to charge you a lot of money.  Some of the things to help you navigate around these issues:


  1. Look at their profiles (Facebook, Instagram, web etc). A professional profile is a strong indicator of the level of professionalism of the person.  Are they promoting their service & their experience? Or is it really just about them? Do they mix person elements of their life with professionalism?

  2. Check out their qualifications – have they completed their qualifications? Ask for copies, check the professional body they say they trained with. If they have been competitors or athletes, this is easy to check out.

  3. References – Ask for references from other satisfied customers & make sure this is a not a long list of their Facebook friends

  4. Expertise/Experience – Have they ever worked in a professional environment, i.e. a gym, Health & Wellbeing Centre, Athletic & Sports Clubs, Community Clubs are they, or have they ever been a professional/semi-professional athlete. If they have,  this could be a higher indicator of their experience and commitment to the ethos of Health & Wellbeing.


We are lucky at the Hub, (think of lucky as we commit to ensure),  we have an excellent cross section of expertise and knowledge. This means whatever your personal goals, starting level, or aspiration, we will be able to match you to the right professional to support you.


We are going to be spending some more  time looking at this particular sector,  with a view to enhancing our current offering for you.


Our view is that Health, Wellbeing, doing things correctly, safely and face to face motivation… all the things that impact your body (after all you only get one, unless you are a Kardashian), are some of the most important decisions you can make in life, which is why it is important you make the right choice and that we make sure you have the right information and options to do so.


Watch this space, more great things are coming.



Hub Gyms



In the meantime a reminder of the Hub Professionals:


Claire Cleeves – Hub Owner

Claire’s focus is ensuring people feel confident about being in a gym environment. A fully qualified Personal Trainer  of many years, Claire also enjoys teaching classes and running Body Transformation Courses. She remains focused on constantly increasing her knowledge including; Crossfit, Crossfit Kids and Weightlifting to name a few.  As the mother of 2 small children Claire doesn’t just understand the theory of fitness post pregnancy and the difficulty of fitting it in, she has done it,  so an advise from a place of experience and Will Do/Can Do/Did Do.  This outweighs theory every time.


Andy Cleeves – Epic Martial Arts Owner

Andy has been on the Kickboxing circuit for  many, many years. A former World Champion Kick boxer,  his style of training is unique. Andy is a subject matter expert in Strength and  plyometric training for which he and his clients an athletes benefit from measured results. Andy owns a successful Martial Arts Club where he also trains individuals from 4 upwards.  Andy’s experience comes from a place of in depth experience and remember this is his professional full time job.


Jeff Nutt

Personal Trainer, Bodybuilding European Champion 2005 and placed in Mr. Universe 2007 and 2009  Geoff specialists in Bodybuilding Competition Training, Transformation & Physique.  Jeff is unique in his style and proves popular across the board.


Charlie James

Personal Trainer with a personal passion & expertise in Calisthenics, Strength training and most recently CrossFit.  Charlie is one of the most passionate individuals in the world of Health & Fitness

James Allen

Personal Trainer and placed third place in UKFDA 2016, his first competition.  James has a personal interest & specialises in Competitive Bodybuilding and training for Aesthetics.  James is competing again in 2018.

Sarah Matjyasik

Personal Trainer.  Competed in British PCA finals in 2016 and 2017. Specialises in training for Aesthetics. Passionate about Nutrition, Weight Management and lifestyle change.




Rakan Sabbah

Personal Trainer.  Specialist in Plyometric Training together with expertise in many other specialist areas. Also a competitive kick boxer and most recently qualified as a Level 1 CrossFit coach.



Feel free to speak to myself or Andy, if you are unsure about any of the options available. Whether these options are via the Hub or elsewhere and we will always give you an honest response.  After all why wouldn’t we, this is our business, our personal enjoyment and the way we run our lives.


I hope you have found this helpful and we look forward to speaking with you.



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