All About Spin Class: The Basics And The Benefits

All About Spin Class: The Basics And The Benefits

First spin class and you don’t know what to expect? We’ve got you covered.

Know the basics of a spinning exercise and the benefits a spinning class can offer with this quick, simple guide.

What’s Spinning?

A spin class is an indoor cycling cardio exercise that is usually headed by an assertive instructor, accompanied by loud music. The instructor chooses music that is apt to match the mood for each phase of the class and uses imagery to keep you going. There are bikes for each person in the class that typically face the same direction, towards the instructor or a mirror.

If you think that exercising on a stationary bike will bore you, you’re in for a huge surprise once you find out how it can keep you motivated and energised. In light of this, ‘spinning’ continues to grow in popularity for its increasing impact on health and fitness across the globe.

What to Wear

Avoid wearing baggy clothes which can get caught in the pedals. Instead, opt for tight-fitting, moisture-wicking clothes, padded cycling shorts and comfortable cycling shoes.

Proper Spinning Forms

Just as with any exercise routines, you can only gain the benefits of a spinning class when you perform it using the right technique. Take a look at the correct spinning positions below:

  • Keep your back straight.
  • Use a pelvic tilt to increase your leg speed.
  • Move your knees close together, keeping them in a straight line.
  • Pedal in circles with flat feet instead of pointing your toes to the ground.
  • Remember to rest when you have to, no matter what other students are doing.

Spinning Movement Positions

  • Seated Flat – considered the most basic movement in every spin classes which mimics riding on a flat road.
  • Additionally, it boosts strength and stamina whilst developing the pedal stroke technique.
  • Seated Climb – a movement that challenges the lower body muscles including the gluteals and hamstrings which simulates riding up a slight upslope.
  • Standing Flat – aims for the core muscle groups of the body to improve leg speed and endurance which can be performed with light or moderate resistance.
  • Standing Climb – imitates riding up a steep slope to build strength and definition on the leg muscles.
  • Jumps – develops the body’s overall strength, timing and balance which is typically performed by a transition in and out of the saddle with controlled movements.

Common Spinning Movements

  • For warm-ups, cool downs or recovery from a fast interval, hands are placed at the centre of the handles.
  • Hands are placed on the upward curve of the handlebars.
  • Hands are on the top of the handles, commonly used for a standing climb.

The Benefits

Builds your core muscles – Since spinning instructors will always remind you about maintaining proper posture and techniques, a spin class can work your muscle groups including your leg muscles and your abdominal area.

Burns calories – Spinning is also an ideal exercise for weight loss as it burns about 500 calories or more in just an hour.

Defines your legs – Since spinning utilises your entire leg muscles, your calves, thighs and hamstrings will eventually begin to shape up so long as you do the exercise regularly.

Friendly on the joints – Compared with elliptical, treadmill and stair-stepper machines that are often traumatic on the feet and knees, spinning allows you to work hard without worrying about aching joints, assuming that the saddle height is appropriately set.

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