The guys give their views on working with Personal Trainer Charlie James – Instructor of the Hub Mens Summer Blast Course

The idea of  The Summer blast course evolved from a small group of men that worked with Charlie on some Sunday mornings to improve their fitness and head towards their own personal goals and men requesting a course ‘about them’.
The Hub then created ‘Men’s get into fitness/Summer Blast course’ , a course that every man can get involved with
 ‘Orginals’ – Paul Probert & Tim Ayres
We asked Paul and Tim to give us their  thoughts on working with Charlie within a group to help him towards their goals…
1.  Why and how did you start working out with Charlie on a Sunday morning?

Paul – I started working out with Charlie after I had completed a 6 week transformation program where I lost a stone in weight and became much fitter over a 9 week period.  During the program I took part in a number of Charlie’s regular classes and found them great fun with all abilities taking part and this really helped me towards my goals.  Charlie puts together classes that are wide and varied in content making it more enjoyable than just routine exercises.  After we finished the program I got together with 3 others and we arranged sessions with Charlie altogether on Sunday mornings.

 Tim – I started off having individual PT sessions with Charlie as I needed to gain the extra fitness knowledge from an expert.  Charlie was brilliant and provided interesting and varied workouts each week, tailored to my requirements e.g. arms and chest one week and shoulders and legs the next.  The sessions were challenging and each time I learnt valuable information on what weights and exercises to use to work out certain muscle groups.

When a few friends suggested adding a group PT session with Charlie on a Sunday, I jumped at the chance as an additional training session would add to my training regime.


2.  How would you describe your Sunday group session with Charlie?

Paul – Charlie put the sessions together to help us with what we wanted to achieve.  We each had different strengths and weaknesses which meant we could support each other as well as having a good laugh at ourselves and together.  As well as being hard work the sessions we great fun, challenging us to do new things and to learn how to exercise whilst getting the maximum benefit.  During the classes Charlie gave us all advice and we gained a repertoire of exercises that we could do in our own time between classes.

Tim – Our Sunday sessions with Charlie were a great way to add to my individual PT sessions.  Working within a small group was an added motivation to work at my maximum capacity – it brought out the competitiveness in us all!
3. How did the Sunday group keep you moving forward
Paul – The Sunday group was great to help us continue with our fitness after the program and was more tailored for our individual needs.  We timed it so that we could do the spin class for cardio after our session leaving the rest of the day free to recover!  During this time we each got a lot of support, advice and motivation from Charlie and he is always around the gym available to give a view pointers.  We all had good fun during the sessions but they were tough – exactly what we needed.
Tim – Adding in another session meant that I could see results quicker.  Each week I could see improvements and working in a group meant we could motivate each other to give our best.


4. Where are you with your training now – plans moving forward?

Paul – Unfortunately I picked up an injury playing football and lost a couple of months training whilst I ate and drank too much!  The Summer Blast 6 week program for Sunday mornings is perfect timing for me to get back in shape before my next holiday!  My plan is to continue these sessions when I return to help me to main my physique and fitness.

Tim – I am still using all of the knowledge I learnt from Charlie and ensure that I work on different areas each time I go to the gym, in addition to spin classes and cardio workouts.

Without the knowledge I learnt from Charlie I would not get anywhere near as much out of my workouts.


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