Weighted Pump Exercises For Beginners

Weighted Pump Exercises For Beginners

Most people who are just starting with strength training often feel confused with which weights to use and what workout routine to do. It may feel overwhelming at first but letting this intimidation get the best of you will let you miss out on all the benefits working out has to offer. Lifting weights can make you stronger, help boost your confidence, improve heart health and reduce your anxiety.

As a beginner in weight training, you must start with a combination of functional exercises that are similar to the movements we use in our daily lives, as well as compound lifts that engage multiple large muscle groups at once. Some of the basic moves are squats, pulls, hip hinges and hip extensions. Learning these moves will help you move on to more complex exercises.

Beginners can start lifting 2 to 6 kilos, 10 to 12 times for 2 to 3 sets. You will probably outgrow these weights quickly and you will feel it’s time to add more when the last 2 to 3 repetitions feel easy to lift.

Here are some essential weightlifting moves that you can try.

Goblet Squats

Goblet squats are air squats done with the addition of a dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball or anything that is heavy and compact. They are a great exercise as they work your quads, calves, glutes, core and arms. If you’re trying to tighten your abs, this is ideal for you. To do this, hold a weight at your chest using both hands and stand with your feet a bit wider than hip-width apart. Bend your knees, drop your butt back and lower yourself into a squat. When you’re at the bottom of your squat, pause for two seconds and then push through your heels to stand back up to your starting position.

Dumbbell shoulder presses

The dumbbell shoulder press targets your shoulders while putting emphasis on your triceps and upper back. Doing this can strengthen your stability and strength. To perform this exercise, hold a dumbbell in each hand and sit on a bench, preferably with back support. Make sure that your feet are planted firmly on the floor about hip-width apart. Bend your elbows and raise your upper arms to shoulder height, making the dumbbells at ear level. Push the dumbbells up until the ends of the dumbbells touch lightly, at the top and slowly lower the weights back down to the starting position.

Basic Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

If you are looking to improve leg and back strength, doing stiff-leg dumbbell deadlifts can help. This routine works a large number of muscles such as hamstrings, back muscles, gluteus maximus and abdominal muscles. To do this exercise, hold a dumbbell in each hand while standing with feet apart and knees slightly bent. Hinge at your hips as you bend your knees slightly. Hold the dumbbells close to your legs as you lower your body. Pull back on your shoulder blades and keep your back flat. Keep your core tight and push through your heels to stand up straight. Pull the weights back up to your starting position and repeat the process.

Glute Bridges

The glute bridges are effective in toning your glutes and hamstrings, as well as strengthening your core. To perform this, simply lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, with dumbbells resting on your hips. Lift your hips up until your knees, hips and shoulders form a diagonal line. Squeeze your glutes and tighten your abs. Hold for 1 to 2 seconds, then slowly lower back down to the ground.

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